Signage Painting

If you’ve ever wanted to make your business stand out, make a difference and simply catch an eye of any person who goes by your sign – the painted signage will be the perfect service for your needs! The signage service will set your business apart from the rest.It’s not that long as our company has taken our ability to create murals one step further, to include custom painted Signs for businesses! Rainbow’s Colors has already altered the traditional way of displaying your company’s name, brand, and/or logo on your building. If you’re looking for something more than simply hire us!
  • Final Budget
  • Square Feet
    57,000 sq.ft.
  • Owner
    Santorino Area Hospital
  • Architect
    Spencer Matthew Bennington
    Santorino, MI

All crew members we have here onboard are excelled in doing all kinds of exterior painting jobs. As professionals we know perfectly well that a nicely done exterior job deliver that high-quality finish that will keep your home or office looking good. All the exterior house painting Showcase we offer are performed by a crew of highly seasoned painters with at least a few years of prior experience. A fresh coat of paint outside of your home can be all that differs a boring house from a bright one! Let our team put a nice touch of new hues into your life!

We work with any surfaces, any colors and any tasks at hand!

We value both the technical and artistic sides of our job in every Showcase… The fact how much does that kind of passion affects the overall quality shows not only through our 3-year painting warranty but also in our Photo Gallery, featuring the most impressive painting showcases that we undertook that far.
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Let our team add new bright colors to your life!

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